CB Jolley
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CB Jolley - Memphis, TN
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CB’s artistic journey began in Jr. High School, when his linocut print was selected to be shown in an exhibition in St. Louis.  More recently, he has been exhibiting his work in the Memphis area since 1993.  He has worked in a wide variety of media, from furniture and other wooden construction to abstract paintings.  His current direction in photography has taken on a new technique in the design of digital collage.  The director of a noted photography workshop group in Santa Fe has said about CB that his work has taken photography in a direction and depth he has never before seen used. 


CB is a self-taught artist, and has a natural ability for design.  Many of his conceptions and images come directly from nature, and this often results in a distinctly Southwestern look and feel.  Other compositions seem to emanate a lively, vibrant energy.


In addition to his focus on producing his own artwork, CB has provided specialized framing to the art community of Memphis for the past twenty-five years.


His unique construction and design in framing has been featured in exhibitions at Brooks Museum, Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Albers Gallery, Alice Bingham Gallery and various other galleries. 

…and he has performed artifact presentation of selected pieces for The Wonders Series Exhibitions including: “Masters of Florence”, “The Titanic”, “World War II Through Russian Eyes”, and “Czars”.


In these exhibitions, CB has been Art Handler, Framer and Installationist for pieces by Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Raphael, Rubens, Picasso, McKnight and Rodin.  His frames on the Czar’s royal family portraits now hang in the Kremlin in Moscow, and his frame on a painting of the Medici family now hangs in the Uffizi Museum in Florence.


Artist’s Statement:

“I am a very visual person.  My observations are like art around me,
all the time.  Lines, space and lighting trigger my feelings and
definitions of views that I relate to deeply. 
Nature’s supply of design fascinates me and inspires a unique
direction for my expression in abstract presentation.”


Exhibitions and Collections:

    • La Bodega  - Canyon Rd.  Santa Fe. NM  “Wk. End Show”  Jun 2006
    • Gallery 32, Germantown, TN, "Collections - 1st Solo Show":  Feb-Mar 2006
    • Children’s Advocacy Center, “Works of Heart”:  2002 to 2006, Annual
    • FedEx Global Trade Services Exhibition:  Dec 2003; Feb 2004; Dec 2004; Feb 2005, Dec 2005
    • Clip Joint Gallery:  Oct 2003; Dec 2004; Jul 2005; Dec 2005
    • Germantown Performing Arts Center:  Nov 2004; Oct 2005
    • Memphis Mental Health Assoc., “Works of Heart”: 1993 to 2000 - Annual Shows
    • Les Passees’ Southern Living Showcase:  Oct 1996
    • Memphis Arts Group, Memphis, TN:  Jan 1995
    • M. Frances Doggrell Studio, “Impressions from Creation”:  Nov 1994
    • Albers Fine Art Gallery, “A Different Kind of Art Show”:  Jan 1993
    • The Pie Lady’s Grand Opening Permanent Collection:  1993